Names, I want names!

Which one of you asked Santa for a white Christmas?









5 Responses to “Names, I want names!”

  1. Kim Says:

    Not me!

  2. Sugarcamp Says:

    Not me either!

  3. Daphne Gould Says:

    Errr. I swear it wasn’t me. Really I swear. I was thinking about it though, but never spoke it out loud. I did however mention to a friend that our weatherman only gave us a 50% chance of a white Christmas. She said, “Really that high?” I of course said yes we often have at least a little snow for Christmas. Just a LITTLE mind you.

  4. ProfTheory Says:

    I think that img_3480 would make a nice Christmas card.

    I’m glad to see that the hoop house is holding up with all the snow! And I’m sure the ladies really appreciate having some room to move around.

  5. jeannie177 Says:

    Ali, I can not tell a lye, I did not do it. I only wanted to leave the snow behind me when we left NY. Sorry. ( The pictures are beautiful ) Come visit me on my blog and see the pics! We Kayaked in the Weekie Wckie River with Mannatees!
    Love you Jean

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