Yes, we will be having a very white Christmas

Today Portland Press Herald reports that this storm was a recordbreaking one, with most of Maine receiving between 14″-18″ inches of snow.  It took Dan 4 hours to shovel/snowblow/roof-rake.  And did I mention that this is only the 2nd day of winter?


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  1. ProfTheory Says:

    I’m sure your both tickled pink (where did that phrase come from?) to know that more is on the way. Fortunately I haven’t had to spend that much time clearing since we didn’t get even close to that amount and having a very short driveway.

  2. Sue Says:

    We’re having a white Christmas, too, but not as white as yours! Still, it took us an hour to get from the store we were at to the grocery store, when it normally would have taken less than half an hour. We hadn’t paid attention to the weather forecast, and didn’t know to expect more today.

    Keep Warm,

  3. frontporch123 Says:

    Gosh, it was nippy here in San Antonio too. I turned on my heated seats!
    Love, Aunt Janet

  4. Giddy Says:

    16 inches up here in Downeast, Maine. Long driveway, big deck, long day.

    Neither one of us can move today!

  5. Robin Says:

    In like a lion, out like a lamb. I WILL be expecting a lamb in March and it darned well better appear.

  6. jeannie177 Says:

    Christmas is a bit different this year with not having snow. I have always liked snow for Christmas. ( a childs dream perhaps but tis true ) I will wish you all warmth for the season and just think the days are getting longer already!

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