Clay pot cookery

img_3494This summer, I purchased a Romertopf clay roaster at a tag sale for $2.  I have been curious about them for years (since knowing someone who raved about hers but never invited me to dinner) but as I’m cheap thrifty, I was reluctant to purchase one before having a chance to try it.

I am planning to inaugurate my cooker on Christmas Day with a roast chicken from Dan’s colleague Nina’s farm.  Poking around on the web I’ve seen a few recipes, but not as many as I’d hoped.  The Romertopf website was especially disappointing.  For a company trying to sell a product there were very few recipes posted to raise enthusiasm about using the product.  There were three cookbooks, but based on the website content they do not look very promising.  The description contained virtually no information about the recipes they contain.

For Christmas dinner I’ll try a simple roast chicken stuffed wth a lemon and rosemary and resting on some quartered onions and potatoes.  It will be just Dan and I and poor Dan is used to being my recipe guinea pig.  I’m looking for clay pot cooker recipes and cook book reccomendations for future meals, so please share if you have any!


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  1. Kathryn and Ari Says:

    Happy Christmas to you! We’re roasting a cornish game hen and hoping today’s precipitation doesn’t change to rain. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    I have an unglazed clay pot cooker from Greece. It’s sorta egg-shaped, and can hold as much as an enormous chicken or a very small turkey. I was told to submerge the container and its lid in water for about an hour before I started cooking with it.

    I must admit that while the chickens I’ve cooked in it have turned out very well, I prefer not to use it for roast chicken. The problem is that I never get much in the way of juices, since they soak into the pot and then evaporate. So I stick to my cast iron skillet. But maybe your cooker is glazed?

    Our big dinner is tomorrow night, so tonight it’s just going to be risi e bisi and some leftovers.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Kim Says:

    No suggestions…but…. Merry Christmas!

  4. jeannie177 Says:

    I haven’t heard of that roaster. But I hope it goes well for you. And Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
    I love you guys

  5. Drew Shiel Says:

    We have one of these that we got as a gift some years ago; I’ve never gotten around to using it. I’ll be very interested to see how it works out for you!

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