2009 Vegetable List

The 2009 vegetable list is mostly done.  I’ve posted it on its own page, as I did last year.  I probably need to eliminate some of the lettuce/greens, and I want to research my broccoli options on the Cornell Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners site, as none of those options really excites me.  I’m also not sure I can successfully grow the romanesco broccoli, but it would be so fun!

And the tomatoes.  Can I squeeze a few more varieties in?  I’d love to try some tiny little currant tomatoes, and maybe a Kelloggs Breakfast or Pineapple, and after last year, I’m wondering if I should pick a really bomb-proof hybrid, maybe Rutgers.  Suggestions, anyone?


3 Responses to “2009 Vegetable List”

  1. nancybond Says:

    Your list looks very complete and ambitious as is. :)

  2. mangochild Says:

    I agree with nancybond, that’s an ambitious list! As for anything to add, I think that it makes sense to grow the things that you love to eat best. The thing I’d suggest if you want to trim the greens is to ask, do some of the mixes have the same kinds of greens (or significant overlap)? If so, maybe choose just one of them…

  3. El Says:

    Hi Ali: I have grown the piracicaba broccoli from Fedco for the last couple of years and I really enjoy it: it doesn’t get terribly bitter. We’re into the smaller side shoots here and it’s great for that. And I hear you on the romanesco; I have only grown two successful heads of the stuff and they were puny!

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