how they feel now

A Washington, D.C based write photographer, Emily Troutman, created a video of people in D.C. just before inauguration day.  Emily explains:

This week I made my way around Washington, D.C. and asked hundreds of people to pick words to represent how they feel now, at the dawn of a new beginning for the United States.

Check it out at her blog, who we are/how we live.  It is pretty interesting.


3 Responses to “how they feel now”

  1. Claire Says:

    Thanks for that link – I enjoyed that!

  2. deborah Says:

    Very inspirational! Thank you for the link. Her video is a testament to how much talent, creativity, goodwill is out there right now ready to be engaged. So many of us are ready to step up in whatever way we are able, drawing on our own strengths and gifts to make change.

  3. jeannie177 Says:

    Very interesting link It give people something to think about.

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