The Royal Horticultural Society plans

It is again snowing here in Maine, and I’m home with a nasty cold, so I’m poking about doing some online gardening while waiting for the Sudafed to make me feel better.  Please.

Anyhow, while surfing I came across some Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society site, which has some nice small vegetable garden plans online as part of their efforts to encourage people to try growing their own veggies.


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  1. tina Says:

    Hi there Ali! I don’t know how I have not run in to you before. My mother lives in mid coast Maine (Jean)-Brunswick Area, and my sister is inland near the Vermont border. My son, daughter in law and grandson also live in the Brunswick area. What a small world!!

    I love the bottle tree!!!!!!!!! I wanted to comment on it but the comments are closed:( It’s okay, I’ll let you know here. My sister made a small bottle tree in her neck of the woods. She is waiting for funny looks from all her neighbors. You know those Mainiacs:) I will for sure let her know about you and your blog and I will return.

    I like the hoophouse idea. I have been playing with this idea for some time. Everyone is so creative with make them! I think I am going to start small with a coldframe type over some hardy veggies. Gardening in Tennessee is a bit different than gardening in Maine, though I grew up in Maine. I think it positively great your husband also gardens. Mine gardens-old autos. Ha! Try sharing real estate with a bunch of rusty autos laying around the garden. Anyhow, I do hope you start feeling better. Take care. tina

  2. tina Says:

    Ali, if you get the Times Record and have been for a long time, it is possible you may know me already. During the Gulf war they published many, many of my letters home. My mother tells me I was quite the star. You may remember me under another name, but the Tina is still the same. It is a long shot but I thought if you did remember that then the connection would be unreal. You take care. I must must get off the computer! My email is if you’d like to email me.

    • Ali Says:

      Hi Tina! What a hoot! We are Times Record readers, but have only been here at Henbogle for 8 years. During the Gulf War I was living in Presque Isle (zone 3!). Funny, too about your sister, as I grew up in Western Maine over near Bethel. If you come to visit your mom in Brunswick we’ll have to plan a meet-up!

  3. deborah Says:

    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed pouring over the veg garden plans. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Kathryn and Ari Says:

    oooooh! I saw one of their herb gardens when I was in London. It was fabulous!

    Sorry about the cold. Feel better soon. And I hope you’re getting snow, not sleet in this storm. Yuck!

    • Ali Says:

      Kathryn, we got sleet/freezing rain atop the snow, yuk. I hope you avoided that. When Dan and I were in London we visited Kew Gardens and a couple of other gardens, they were all fantastic. I wish more Americans gardened like the Brits!

  5. jeannie177 Says:

    Hi Ali,
    Sorry your feeling under the weather. I’ll send you and Dan up some warm thoughts and hope that some of the warm weather we’re having goes up your way soon.
    Buddy usually makes me a really good Rum tea. Take 1 cup and put some boiling water in it 1 regular tea bag, 1-2 Tblesp honey, 1 Tblesp lemon and 1-2 shots spiced Rum. Then curl up in bed and have a good rest. ( you need to drink this basicly all at once in order for it to put you in a restfull sleep). You can also vary the strenghts of the last three ingrediences.
    Get better soon,Jean

    • Ali Says:

      Thanks, Jean. I’ve been drinking my ginger tea, but I like the idea of some rum in it right before bed. Then I would care whether or not I could breathe!

  6. Caftans Saga Says:

    I like your thoughts on online gardening, might try it myself. Anyway, my warm greetings to you up there.

    May I suggest you have some hot chocolate with your gardening.


  7. tina Says:

    Yes Ali, I agree! A meet up is a must. My sister is in Waterford. What a small world:)

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