A seed starting chart for Mainers

As I get to work on my seed starting list, I stumbled across this helpful chart from the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners website in this article, Huge Growth Potential, Pounds of Dividends: It’s Time to Order Seeds.  Thanks, MOFGA!


4 Responses to “A seed starting chart for Mainers”

  1. Anna Says:

    Thanks for posting this Ali. I was wanting a list like this! Now to actually order seeds….

  2. frontporch123 Says:

    I know you can buy dried tiger urine to keep away coyetes (here in Texas) and I found this on a website you might like to try to deter groundhogs
    Sound like it might work.
    Love, Aunt Janet

  3. frontporch123 Says:

    I meant to say “coyotes” (me the master speller!) It’s a bitc… to get old!

  4. Chris The Gardener Says:

    You provide the most useful information! You are one stop shopping for veggie growing info in Maine!

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