8-10 inches of sun…

possibly heavy at times

That’s my fantasy forecast.  In reality, we’ve got snow showers forecast for the majority of the week.  Monday is the exception, and right now the forecast is calling for temps above freezing and mostly cloudy.

Of course, today’s forecast calls for snow showers this afternoon, but it is snowing now. Hmph!  On today’s to-do list:  shovel snow away from the sides of the hoophouse in preparation for the next storm.  I don’t know what the exact snow totals are here at Henbogle, but the official report for Portland, about 40 miles southwest of us, is 55.9″ of snow to date.**  Portland’s average yearly snowfall is 71″.*

*Thanks Cheryl for catching my transposed numbers!

**Cheryl inspired more research, my data was old.  According to the Portland Press Herald, Portland had received 48.9″ of snow as of Wednesday, and on Wednesdy received another 7″ of snow (with additional sleet and freezing rain) for a new total of 55.9″.


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  1. Cheryl Fuller Says:

    Not to pick a nit here, but Portland’s average annual snowfall is 70 inches. This winter is headed to a bit above average but likely not as much as last year.

    Here in Belfast, we have something more than 20″ on the ground but we didn’t get much in the way of snow showers yesterday.

  2. nancybond Says:

    A fresh snowfall blanketed everything here in Nova Scotia last night — about 6 fluffy inches. It’s very pretty this morning. There’s some rumbling about a more serious storm later in the week, but hopefully, that’s all it is…rumbling. :) We haven’t set any records here, but we’ve certainly had enough of the white stuff. I like your forecast of “inches of sun”!

  3. Patricia Warren Says:


    I had just finished a quick update of our family blog, Quiet Resting Places (http://quietrestingplaces.blogspot.com) and had started work on another blog. I stumbled on Henbogle while doing a Google search on garden planning.

    I write a gardening column at a web site called TakeRootandWrite.com. I have a corresponding resource blog called Thyme for the Garden (http://www.thymeforthegarden.com). I’ve featured you as a resource on today’s update. The Excel idea is great. I’m going to work on my Medicinal Herb and Tea Garden plan using Laura’s example. I will be posting my progress and putting both yours and Laura’s links on each blog update.

    BTW, West Virginia is getting prepared for our newest batch of snow…it will be heading your way by tomorrow, I’ll bet. I just received a computerized phone call that my son’s school is letting out in 45 minutes. We live in a very rural area…well, a very hilly area…with lots of narrow roads that don’t ever see a snow plow.

    8-10 inches of sun definitely caught my attention! I laughed and sympathized. I’m going to keep checking back so I can stay updated on gardening up Maine way. Thanks for an enjoyable break from research.

    P.S. My secret goal in life is to get the kids all grown and independent, find a nice little Maine cottage near the ocean with enough land for raised gardens and a few hens and spend my days gardening and writing the Great American Novel…or just more blog posts!

  4. mangochild Says:

    Another one checking in with a snowfall – started yesterday afternoon and supposed to go through today. Light though, only a couple inches, so I shouldn’t complain, huh? I just long for the sun!

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