Raising meat chickens

Matron of Husbandry posted a column about raising meat chickens today.  She used to raise pastured meat chickens on a larger scale as part of their rotational grazing plan.  She makes it seem so do-able….


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  1. El Says:

    Well (sigh) it really isn’t much different than your egg-y girls except they poop more, they eat more and you have to, uh, somehow get them in the freezer. If the latter part is not your cup of tea, Ali, you can look into someone processing them for you at a farm or facility nearby. Check your farmer’s market meat sellers and ask, or check Local Harvest for your area.

  2. Alan Says:

    Good article in ACRES this month too. It’s not electronic, so you will have to get a copy to read, but it is full of good info about the different types of meat chickens and how they perform on pasture.

    We are going to try a few this year. I’ll be posting about it as we go.

  3. Kathryn and Ari Says:

    I so want to raise chickens. But I’m still not sure I could eat them. I still tear up at the thought of my departed goldfish. . .

  4. Laura Says:

    Oh it’s totally doable – but as El says you have to be willing to kill them at the end. Of course, based on my experience, I’m usually SO READY for them to be gone at the end that it’s sort of a relief to butcher them out.

    Go for it!

  5. mangochild Says:

    No experience *at all* here, but just a thought that a lot of what seems “un-doable” is doable after all, just have to take the plunge (even if it is on nothing but a whim)…. if you want to try, and have the space, go for it!

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