Fast Food

img_3604Home canned vegetable soup, vegetable stock, and Jacob’s Cattle Beans.


Add diced onion, hot sausage from our pig,


some celery, carrots and cabbage.


Hot, hearty, healthy.  Soup, its what’s for dinner.

I need to can at least twice as much homemade vegetable soup next year, and stock, and more beans, too.


In other news, phew!  Last week was BUSY.  I celebrated a birthday, the first week of the spring semester washed over me like a tidal wave, and Holly came to visit.  Things might be marginally more manageable this week, we’ll see.

Sunday we had our January thaw, a week late.  It was in the 50°s, but blustery on Sunday.  In the hoophouse, it was 85°F.  I peeked under the row covers and found to my chagrin we’ve had some losses, sigh.  I suppose I’d have died too if I spent the night out there at -17°F.  Some of the brassicas remain.  I’l try and grab some photos soon.

I stopped by Johnny’s Selected Seeds on Friday and picked up a few more items:  Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato, Happy Rich Asian Greens, Salvia Viridis Marble Arch Mix, and, under the category try, try again, Napoli Carrot seeds.  I also purchased a 60qt bag of potting mix for seed starting.  Unfortunately today they began offering a 10% discount on seed starting supplies.  Dang, if only I’d waited ’till this week I’d have saved enough to buy another package of seeds.

Soon, it will be time to start leeks and onions.  I’d better finish up my garden plan!


3 Responses to “Fast Food”

  1. Chris The Gardener Says:

    Man! I am so moving in next door to you. Could you write a little bit more about your canning stuff, especially the soups? I think I remember that you took a canning course with the Extension Service a couple of years back – was it worth the price of admission? I want to do more canning of things like soup and tomato sauce, but being a novice canner, I hesitate to stray far from pickles and jams – you know, the ones that probably won’t kill you as long as you get the initial seal right. Do you use a pressure canner or just the standard hot water bath? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    Yum, yum, yum. I made another batch of soup yesterday. It was Chinese style since I had leftover Chinese food laying around and needing to be eaten. Nothing can beat soup in the winter.

  3. Kim Says:

    Yum, that looks wicked good…true Mainer here. Thanks for the heads up about the sale at Johnny’s!

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