Making Maine produced food accessible to Mainers

A project to help make Maine produced foods more available to Mainers is in development, today’s Portland Press Herald reports.

Dubbed the Maine Street Marketplace, the delivery system is the latest initiative by Maine farmers to meet the growing demand for locally grown food, fueled by concerns over global warming, high energy prices and food safety.

Brenner and Penny Jordan, co-owner of Jordan’s Farm in Cape Elizabeth, are leading the initiative, along with the Greater Portland Council of Governments; Cape Farm Alliance; Threshold to Maine Resource Conservation and Development, and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Cumberland County.

The partners ID’d above are all from the Southern Maine area (although the Threshhold to Maine website states it serves Oxford and Franklin counties).  I hope some key players from beyond southern/southwestern Maine can get involved.  If it can serve the whole state, it would be fabulous!!


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  1. nancybond Says:

    I think that is a tremendous goal!

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