Sure signs of spring? Not so much

We had a big storm on Sunday night.  At Henbogle, we received about 16″ of wet, heavy snow.


We were fortunate to lose power for only a short time; as of this morning, over 75,000 Mainers were still without electricity.

img_3637Our lilacs are not very happy about the snow load.  At least one broke under the strain.

img_3641We were very lucky not to lose any branches from our beloved maple tree.

img_3635We made sure the birds had plenty to eat.

img_3633The deck was covered by snow.  It is hard to imagine summer, or that our deck ever looked like the photo below.


This morning while clearing snow, I poked a hole in the hoop house.  Sigh.

Spring is 24 days away.  Bring it on!


10 Responses to “Sure signs of spring? Not so much”

  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    I know just how you feel :/

  2. nancybond Says:

    I believe this is the same storm system that blasted eastern Canada Sunday night. It’s so beautiful — my favourite kind of snow. :) I know, I know…enough is enough.

  3. deb Says:


  4. Sugarcamp Says:

    Hard to believe. You have my sympathy.

  5. Weez Says:

    I heard the Cardinal sing his spring song this morning!

  6. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Enjoyed that winter/summer photo. It WILL be all verdant and green like that again, just maybe not in 24 days. :-) That is a beautiful shot!

  7. weekendfarmer Says:

    aaaah….how far is summer?? love the summer pic. is that grape vine?

    • Ali Says:

      Hi WF,

      Yes, that is a concord grapevine, it came with the house so it is at least 8 years old and probably many more.

  8. beanhole Says:

    I’m so excited its hard to sit at my desk and concentrate. I have the base and the PVC up, 12 x 24, clamped on the inside, waiting for poly. How did you attached the purloins @ 36″ to the PVC?? And how did you attach the poly? Did you just drape it over from one side to the other and bury it? Does that hold it tight enough. I guess you also pulled it down and over the ends and then staple?? it to the 2×2? Your ends are nice, I hope mine turn out. Good job and thanks for your help. Ontario Canada

    • Ali Says:

      Hi Beanhole,

      We screwed the purlins onto the hoops using drywall screws (self-tapping screws). The purlins are screwed on over the plastic, which serves to hold the plastic on and taut. We left the plastic along the ground and stacked bales of straw over the plastic; next fall we will bury it, but we ran out of time this fall. In th esummer, we will roll up the sides to keep the heat loving plants in there from cooking. On the ends, we pulled the plastic taut and folded it into pleats to staple it to the wooden 2″x2″ frame.

      I’ll write and post more about how ours is doing soon here: Good luck with your hoophouse!

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