2 pieces of good news

The first, self fertilizing, biodegradeable, pollution reducing creative reusing Cow Pots were featured in today’s NY Times.  I may have to try these….

Secondly, a bill aimed at reducing light pollution and preserving Maine’s stargazing-friendly skies gained committee support in the Maine legislature today.  Unfortunately, it has already been amended to require “study” by the Business, Research and Economic Development Committee to determine what rules are already in effect before adopting statewide standards.

I REALLY hope this bill passes and if anything, is made stronger; you can be sure I’ll be contacting my legislators to share that opinion!


One Response to “2 pieces of good news”

  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    I wish our state had such a measure. In the Boston area we barely see the stars at night there is always this orangish glow. Tuscon does a good job with light pollution. Their night skies are fairly dark for such a populated place.

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