Tenuously connected

It has not been a good month for telecommunications here at Henbogle.  First we had our mysterious phone/internet outage, which my (ha ha ha) “service” provider tried to blame on our wiring.  After several days and some testy phone calls, a service rep showed up wiggled some wires outside, and voila, service was restored.  Grrrrr.

As part of that brouhaha, we received a new wireless router, which was supposedly faster.  Well, maybe it was, but only when it was working.  This time, I made Dan call, afraid my impatience would be too palpable.  He was great, and a few days later we received another new router.  This one seems to have issues, too, as service occasionally stops for no apparent reason, but it is working right now, so I thought I’d say hello, and recommend you sell any stock in Fairpoint Communications.

Look for a post on my obsession soon.  Twelve days until spring!


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  1. ProfTheory Says:

    Ali if you have a 2.4 GHz cordless phone it may interfere with the WiFi signal. If you do have such a cordless make sure the base is located away from the router. It could be a problem with other noise on the phone line which xDSL doesn’t tolerate.

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