Strainer things have happened

After a posting about abusing my beloved star colander, and a mild rant about the state of colander manufacturing, my brilliant sisters-in-law have set about finding a colander for me.  Kathy and Louise each sent me a colander, unknowing of the others’ gift.  And thus, I have 2 near-perfect, but very different, colanders.

Exhibit A


The colander on the left is a product of Martha Stewart, on the right, Oxo waded into the fray with its version.  They are both fabulous, although very different.  The Oxo has plastic handles which fold down as shown to become legs, or unfold, to become sturdy supports that will perfectly reach across a standard double bowl kitchen sink, eliminating any possibility of pasta water/sink backwash.  The Martha colander is a more traditional design, and will nest inside a large bowl, perfect for washing produce, then lifting it out of the bowl of water to drain.  Both nearly perfect, like my sisters-in-law (I said NEARLY).  Thanks, K&L!

3 Responses to “Strainer things have happened”

  1. Weez aka Louise Says:

    You’re very welcome, enjoy in good health!

  2. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    What incredibly thoughtful sisters-in-law you have! I have one similar to the Martha Stewart one, but I really like the one with the arms/legs. pasta backwash is bad. I’ll need to try to find one of those!

  3. jeannie177 Says:

    Sorry I missed the boat on the strainers. I have one like Martha (actually two, one smaller than the other) and an old get this its great, an older childs verson of a sand sifter. Its perfic for small things I do in the kitchen since it,s just Buddy and I. But both those strainers are beautiful.

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