Mud season

Maine’s fifth season is here, mud season.  Melting snow and frozen ground create mud, and lots of it.  Mud, along with March winds, maple taps and red winged blackbirds, is a harbinger of spring here at Henbogle.  Here are some glimpses of muddy, marvelous spring.


Snow is melting in the sunny backyard.  The above photo was taken Sunday morning; the below photo this afternoon.  There is some progress evident.


img_3656Seedlings are poking their heads up.  Above are Gonzales cabbage.  These poor babies took a tumble and we had some losses, sigh.  Below are leeks in my cedar flats.  These are all destined for the hoophouse as soon as it is a hair warmer in there.


Now, time to plant a few broccoli and cauliflower seeds.


3 Responses to “Mud season”

  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    Oh joy mud season. Here in southern New England it isn’t quite as bad, but it really depends upon how much rain we get during. So far not much, but wait until tomorrow. My most hated northern New England season is black fly season. That would keep me indoors during the spring.

  2. Weez aka Louise Says:

    Hi Guys! I heard Peepers last night!!!!! Boy, they were LOUD!

    • Ali Says:

      Peepers! Spring is there where you are. I’ve been hearing the red-wing blackbirds, and lots of other birds, but no peepers yet. Soon I hope.

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