and the hoop house seeds are sprouting!  I planted these seeds February 17, just a few days before our big storm on February 22. We have spinach, radicchio, lettuce and escarole.




Happy spring to one and all, especially my fellow gardeners!


3 Responses to “Spring”

  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    Happy spring to you too. What a nice treat for the occasion.

  2. WeekendFarmer Says:

    Happy Spring!! I am so temmpted to make a hoop house. Do you put any heater etc in it?

  3. Erin Says:

    Thanks for checking out our blog! I am going to post similar info today…the carrots, lettuce, spinach…ah…everything we planted except the peas which are not under the hoop house is a few days out of the ground. PVC hoop house = so awesome.

    We get our day-old chicks this week…and I’m a bit nervous now that it’s really happening. Great idea about the hoop house for them in winter. We are making a covered run for them out of a chain link dog kennel. We may put up another hoop house though for setting out vegetables early.

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