DOH moments

I’ve been crazily busy at work, which I think is partly the reason I’ve had several DOH moments of late.  DOH moment #1:  I was looking at the Fedco seeds site, and saw that the Graffiti Cauliflower was back-ordered until April 1.  I panicked, as I knew my packet was on back-order but I’d been thinking it was due to arrive soon.  Knowing Graffiti has a longish growing season (80 days compared to 68 for Cheddar), I looked around online to find another source.  Pine Tree Garden Seeds had Graffiti, so I ordered a package, and since I had to pay shipping anyway… a few more seeds, too.

Later in the day, what should arrive by mail?  My back-ordered Graffiti seeds, from PineTree.  I forgot where I ordered them.  Oh well, I love cauliflower, and brassica seeds are viable for several years.

DOH moment #2:  I’ve been fretting about finding warm spots for my fussier pepper seedlings, when suddenly, I realized I had the perfect spot on top of the new freezer.  There they are all tucked in, and joined moments later by a box of parsley.


DOH moment #3:  Thursday, I nearly decapitated my finger in the (very heavy) window at work while trying to open it just a crack.  Ouch!  In retrospect, I think my wedding band may have prevented real damage.  Rahm Emanuel and I nearly had something in common.  Lucky for me, I just managed to get a severe bruise, not sever my finger.


Seedlings, however, are looking good.  Don’t these tomatoes and cabbages above look happy?  I’m hoping to get the Gonzales cabbages in the hoophouse soon.  The tomatoes will be babied until it is time for them to get planted in the hoophouse.


More brassicas, lettuces, and some marigolds.  The marigold seeds were from 2004, and I had terrific germination on the Safari Yellow and Scarlet Starlet.  Not so much with the Jaguar, only one and it doesn’t look so good.


Leeks and scallions in flats.  In front, in plastic, a flat of cippoline onions.  I need to seed more onions today.

Other chores for today, make a vent for the hoophouse.  I finally ordered a min/max thermometer, just in time.  Thursday’s high was 105°F.  Last night’s low was above freezing, though.  Whoo hoo!


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  1. deborah Says:

    Oh my. I’m so glad you didn’t do serious damage to your finger!
    I too am growing the baby cabbage, Gonzales (and for the first time). I’m glad to see your pics. I thought my Gonzales weren’t doing too well, but perhaps that’s because they sit next to cell packs of another baby, “Savoy Express,” and those seedlings look about twice as healthy…overachievers perhaps. If I look at Gonzales by themselves, they look to be thriving, just like yours. By the way… I’ve done the very same thing with back ordered seeds. Doh!

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    Not to mention if you order from Pinetree right now they have a three week backlog of orders, so you won’t get the next packet for several weeks. I ordered potatoes from them which were supposed to be shipped in April and now their website says May, which is too late for me. Sigh. The problem with too many people gardening this year.

    Your seedlings are looking great and maybe soon you will be melted out. I’ve been overjoyed recently with the not freezing night temperatures we’ve had the last couple of nights. I’ve been keeping all my brassica and lettuce seedlings outside all day long and all night. It is so much easier to just open up the plastic during the day and close it at night than to drag everything inside.

  3. jeannie177 Says:

    I hope your finger is doing better. I remember when Uncle Billy came home from the hosptial with out his ring finger. An I beam fell and crushed his hand. they saved all his fingers except that one because of his wedding band. So after that Daddy never wore one at work. Please be careful of the window, It’s aready bit you once.

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