Venting the hoophouse

Saturday was cold and dreary, but one warm sunny day could easily cook my tender babies in the hoophouse.  My new min/max thermometer indicated that the high in the hoophouse on Thursday was 105°F.  That’s too hot, baby.

I had read somewhere about someone creating vents with foam insulation glued to the plastic.  It sounded like a good idea, but finding an adhesive that would work on both foam and plastic proved nigh on impossible.  So, Dan, clever lad that he is, suggested wood framing, stapling the plastic to it, cutting the vents, and inserting foam to close the vents.  How to photos:

On the north end wall.  Note the thermometer sensor attached to the framing on the left.


On the south end wall.  Once the chooks have moved to their spring and summer home, we can also open the door for venting.


Tacking the plastic to the vent frame using old plaster lathe.  We added fiberglass screen for reinforcement and bird prevention.


We cut slits in the plastic.  Later, we can cut larger openings, but for now, cutting that expensive plastic was scary!


Trimming the foam insulation to fit.


In the colder months, we’ll seal any air leaks around the edges, but with warmer temps on the way, no need to worry about that right now.  We will still need to add some sort of handle to facilitate removal of the panel when it is inserted snugly, but for all practical purposes, I can cross that project off the list.


3 Responses to “Venting the hoophouse”

  1. keewee Says:

    well done, that should work for you.

  2. O. Says:

    The Danster rocks! (Not that the A. is lacking in brilliance, either!) You two are the Royalty of Repurposing. Is it any wonder you are both on my board of advisors?

  3. Christa Says:

    Great idea. Our hoophouse got to around 80degrees yesterday. Ours is a little more primitive we just roll the plastic on the end up. I like your idea though, we will have to try something like this!
    Happy April!

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