Frugal Furniture Makeover

img_3745Meet my new chairs Mo Rockah, left, and Faded Chairy.  Mo was formerly covered in a very dated mauve fabric from the 80s, and Chairy in a, you-got-it, faded bing-cherry red.  Chairy and Mo are hand-me-downs from my parents, who I think got them when my great Aunt Pearl died.

Both chairs have been reupholstered at least twice, and I’ve been planning to make slipcovers for these chairs since we moved into our house.  Earlier this spring I finally admitted I did not have the time, skill or most importantly, inclination to tackle it and I outsourced the project.  The chairs are now sporting fab new slipcovers made by a local woman, Marion, who has a sewing business.  I found Marion through my pal who works at the Maine State Museum, where Marion has done some work in the past.  Believe me, the photos do not do them justice. img_3743

Ocho the untrainable, has been using the chairs as scratching posts, as well as depositing vast quantities of hair all over the chairs.  I discovered that loose-fitting slipcovers are not fun for Ocho to scratch, and can be readily removed for washing.  Perfect.  I tried to select covers that will wash well and line dry, no dry cleaning necessary.  Two lovely new chairs for less then half the cost of one new chair.


4 Responses to “Frugal Furniture Makeover”

  1. Barbee' Says:

    You are so smart to have outsmarted the furry family member and to have achieved such nice chairs without overloading work for yourself. Even with the costs of the covers, I think you came out way ahead with your two fine chairs. I like slipcovers, too.

  2. Sugarcamp Says:

    Positively elegant! Is that a sneak peek at the new couch I see in the upper right hand corner?

  3. karin Says:

    Ali, I am a Mainer very inspired by your projects/ chair makeovers.
    how much did this cost and how do I find Marion? My cats have ruined the upholstery on my sofa with scratching. Thx! Karin

    • Ali Says:

      E-mail me at henbogle at and I’ll give you the scoop. A great place for fabric is the Farbic Warehouse in Auburn, FYI.

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