Spring cleanup continues: front perennial bed

This afternoon, Dan and I cleaned up the front perennial bed.  This bed did not get a fall cleanup, so it was a mess.



Halfway done.




Front view.  Note the remaining grungy snow.

It was cold and breezy today, not the best weather for leaf raking, but the weather has been so rainy we are behind in the spring cleanup.  It was difficult to clear the leaves away from the spring crocuses, and a few suffered as a result.  Nonetheless, plants are beginning to appear.  I saw several daylillies, columbine, lady’s mantle, and hosta peeking up, and the monkshood is well up.  It is early, so I’m not worrying yet over plants yet to appear.

img_3806We finished up late in the afternoon, and I made a quick ham steak dinner using a recipe from Food on the Food.  Tammy is hilarious, and this post I found to be very funny.  Check the comments on this post about meat consumption.  She links to a rip-snorting episode of Saturday Night Live.  Anyway, dinner was delicious, and an excellent way to end the weekend.  Five more crazy CRAZY days before we have a well deserved vacation.  Keep your fingers crossed for good gardening weather next week.  Dan’s mom is coming to visit and we have plans for her.



9 Responses to “Spring cleanup continues: front perennial bed”

  1. kimchi Says:

    What a cute home you have. The dinner looked fabulous too, I am going to have to check that out!

  2. 10yearchallenge Says:

    Your house is beautiful!

  3. Claire Says:

    I love your pink gardening boots, and the blue bottle tree is luvly! I wish I was as advanced as you are in garden bed clean-up, but I am woefully behind.

  4. Daphne Gould Says:

    I love your wheelbarrow. I have one that is falling apart. I can’t seem to replace it though. My garden gate is small and it seems to be the only one that can fit through. Your meal looks delicious. Ham is one of my favorites but I don’t get to eat it much because DH isn’t a fan.

    • Ali Says:

      Thanks, Daphne. I, too, love that garden cart. We snagged it at a garage sale for $3 — the best $3 I’ve ever spent, I think.

  5. mangochild Says:

    A great day it seems. Exciting that plants are starting to appear, but oof on the cleanup work!

  6. Ali Says:

    Thanks, all, for the compliments and comments :-) BTW, that was an amazingly local dinner, the ham was from our share of a pig raised by a friend, and the veggies were all local. Even the mustard in the glaze & sauce was from Maine!

  7. Ann Sterling Says:

    Hi, are the blue bottles just decorative? (which they are ! )

    • Ali Says:

      Ann, according to folkloric legend, the bottles on a bottle tree capture evil spirits. I’d be happy if it kept the groundhogs away.

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