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img_3843Although we’ve been busy with vacation fun, Spring marches on and it is time to start more seedlings.  Some might consider it a bit late for starting tomatoes, but we’ve had a cool spring, and my tulips are about a week behind in comparison to past years.  As tomatoes sulk in cool soil, I opted to delay starting the tomatoes destined for the primary garden with its heavy clay soil.

Shown in the photo is more cauliflower:  Graffiti, Cheddar, and Green Harmony.  For tomatoes, I sowed 1 Tigerella, 1 Rose de Berne, 1 Sungold, 1 Matt’s Wild Cherry 2 Orange Banana, 1 Green Zebra, 2 Amish Paste, and 1 Cosmonaut Volkov.  These will supplement the 6 plants already growing which are destined for the hoop house:  1 Tigerella, 2 Speckled Roman, 2 Pineapple, and 1 Cosmonaut Volkov.  I also transplanted some seedlings to individual pots, and set some purple sprouting broccoli into the hoop house.

It is still pretty cold in the hoophouse overnight.  The soil temperature is significantly warmer, and it is drier, but the temperature stays only 2-3 degrees above the outside temperature.  There is not much air mass and the plastic cover is not tight at the base.  I hope next year it will be warmer when the plastic is more securely attached to the frame at the base.


2 Responses to “More seedlings”

  1. mangochild Says:

    Sounds like a good mix of tomato varieties… I agree with you, waiting sounds better than risking losing or stunting the tomatoes…

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    And here I am thinking I’m the only one that waits until April to start her tomatoes. I started mine three weeks ago at the time everyone else seemed to be potting theirs up. I usually plant mine in mid May, but was worried that this year it might be later. The weather this weekend is going to be in the 80s however, so I’m thinking mid May again :>

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