Get back, Loretta

IMG_3914Tonight, we moved the chicks to spacious new digs.  Appliance House is a lovely row house of renovated dryer boxes obtained from a local appliance dealer.  We taped two boxes together to ensure lots of room for running, wing flapping, flight practice, occasional lift-off, and their new jungle gym/roost.

The move comes just in time.  When Dan arrived home from school today, Loretta (seen here with Dan) had escaped her old apartment, and was looking wistfully at the grain bag nearby. We don’t know how she escaped, but we were pretty sure she told her sisters.  Get back, Loretta. Get back to where you once belonged.




6 Responses to “Get back, Loretta”

  1. julie Says:

    A very helpful post. I am going to start on my condo construction tomorrow. These gals sure grow quickly, what fun they are!

  2. Meg Says:

    They are adorable. I like the one with that mohawk/stripe going down her back. Very punk rock!

  3. Dee Says:

    Funny. :D

  4. Kathryn and Ari Says:

    Love seeing the chicks!

    Hey, what a small world about Bradley. I was born in Peoria and raised on Avanti’s pizza bread!

    • Ali Says:

      No way! That is AMAZING! From Maine to Peoria (and back), and Peoria to Maine, only to meet up in blogland! We need to meet up for lunch someday….

  5. O. Says:

    I find I still crave the cheese spread from Ray’s Patio Inn, and the pizza from Leonardo’s (which was, no doubt, enhanced from the flavor crystals inherent in the dust on all the plastic grapes dangling above the tables . . .)

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