Treasures from the dump, part 7

IMG_3923I can’t BELIEVE what people throw away in this country.  Saturday, when Dan and I took our recycling and some lumber from the dormer project to the transfer station, we brought home two, yes TWO beautiful fir 5-panel doors, 32″X70″, in PERFECT condition.  With the original brass hardware.  One of the doors will replace a cheap-o IMG_3940fiberboard door between the shed and the barn.  I’m not sure where the other will go just yet, but I have some ideas.



we brought home some powder coated steel trellis panels.  We think they must have come from a metal and fabric lightweight gazebo.  The panels are in great condition, although you could see that some of the metal connecting them was bent.  We looked at them and immediately thought of uses for them in the garden.  Sure enough, most of them are now set behind the holly bushes in the gap between the lilac and arborvitae hedges.

We’ll plant morning glory vines to climb up the panels and create a very attractive privacy screen.  PERFECT, out of the waste stream, and free.  The two other panels will most likely go in the border bed where I planted lilacs last year.  I plan to make this into a cutting flower bed, and dig out most of the perennials in that bed.  The trellis panels can go on the corners to define the bed.  If not there, than possible in the vegetable garden.  Or some other idea will come along.  They always do.IMG_3935


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  1. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    SCORE! I love this stuff. Good for you two, it all looks great. I read a piece by a dumpster diver not long ago, and his mantra was “the dump provides.” Mine is: “Free is my favorite flavor.”

  2. joyce Says:

    i am allwyas finding things that people throw away i to found a nice trellis and have planted climbing morning glories to grow up them i am in MA and am waiting for warmer weatehr to put out cucumers, peppers and tomatoes etc, i got some wire fencing and ised that for a a long row to for my peas, also found some chicken wire and some nice bambo using that for my bean tower,

  3. julie Says:

    It’s true one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. I just wanted to add your home and gardens are just lovely. Is Loretta staying out of trouble.

    • Ali Says:

      Thanks :-) If only dusting were as rewarding as gardening…. Loretta! She is a feisty one. The Ameracauna chicks seem much more adept at flying. She and Lucy are always flying up and down the row house!

  4. wf Says:

    I know…people are crazy! They throw away perfectly good stuff. I could drive around my neigborhood yesterday and pick up a lot of lumber etc…last night BUT father-in-law vehemently opposed to the idea of going out to collect “trash” in Japanese GOMI! Then I returned home with a perfectly great table and his eyes lighted up : ). He is surprised how people pick-up other people’s unwanted stuff here from street side. Ah well..I missed out on the chance on a dresser. I was thinking I could pick up a dresser to make a 3 tier nesting box out of it. By the time I went there – it was gone.

    btw, I stole your idea on a outisde sink. I got a laundry sink from a friend….err I forced him to give it to me and now I am planning on the set-up. It would be a great place to wash veggies, eggs etc.

    • Ali Says:

      Freecycling, maybe if you call it that your FIL will feel better about it. Good score on the laundry sink! Reward your friend with some delicious eggs and yummy garden produce and all will be forgiven I’m sure. You will love the sink. It has made things SO much easier here at Henbogle!

  5. Beth Says:

    Hmm, I have always thought our frost date was May 19 or 20. I would rather think it is May 10, sounds like a much more pleasant climate. Did you go to the plant sale in Bowdoinham? It was the first time in 10+ years that I could not go. I hear it was a huge success….love your treasures!

  6. safira Says:

    Our suburban dump used to be a treasure trove until some idiot cut himself rummaging through the “perfectly good, just take me home” tools and sued the town (instead of asking himself why he didn’t have heavy gloves.)


  7. O. Says:

    Hey! if you score any more of those doors, and can’t thing of where to put them, my house is chock full of them (and some need replacing). Just sayin’


    • Ali Says:

      Hmmm, what size door do you need? We might be able to spare a door…. Of course, you’ll have to come to Maine to get it :-)

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