Shopping spree

IMG_3953We went shopping yesterday.  We were attempting to go to Fernwood, Maine’s shadiest nursery, or so they call themselves, but they had moved and we did not manage to find the new location.  They don’t have a website, either. Hmmm, perhaps I should offer to create a blog for them to barter for plants?

Although we did not find Fernwood, we did stop at Moose Crossing Garden Center in Waldoboro.  It was a great stop, they had lots of healthy, well-grown plants, many varieties, well marked, a good selection of shade plants, and a coupon.  What more could you ask? We picked up Impatiens and German ivy for the front window boxes, some Licorice plant, purple sweet potato vine and African daisies for the deck planters, and some morning glory starts for the new trellis.  We also picked up some perennials for the beds:

I love the leaf shape and thick fleshy reddish stems of the ligularia, and with bright yellow blooms it will light up the shady bed.  Ditto for the hakonechloa, I think that will be a great foil to some of the yellow/green hostas like Frances Williams.  We just purchased one of each because I can be patient (when I have to) and wait to divide the plants over the years to make more plants.  This way, I save some $ and make sure the plant will live under my (lack of) care before I make a big investment.  The buddleia will replace the Honeycomb buddleia I planted near the deck in 2007 when I made that bed.  The Honeycomb proved to be too big and rangy for that spot, and did not seem to attract as many butterflies as the Black Knight I had by the Russian Sage.  Of course, that Black Knight died, but I’m hoping it will be happy by the deck as the Honeycomb seemed to be quite happy.

I also purchased a fan nozzle to use in the hoop house.  Our current hose wand is a bit powerful for some of the seedlings, IMG_3960and I want to move it up closer to the house as it is easier to reach the birdbath with it.  I knew I wanted a good quality hose nozzle after my Home Depot nozzle experience last year.  This one has a ball valve and no other moving parts so I hope it will last.

IMG_3949And on Friday, the last of the three dormers was completed, yay!  It looks fabulous, and we are SO excited to have a window that opens.  We’ve had the window open for the past few nights, it is lovely drifting off to the sound of the peepers and awakening to the morning bird chorus.  Aaaahhhhhh.  Unfortunately, I did not get a before photo, but it looked a lot like this dormer, but with a fixed window that was completely fogged in the center.  It now looks very similar to the improved version, right down to a casement window that opens.  Soon I need to get to work to make a new roman shade for this window.

Today we need to do some gardening to get my lovely new plants in the ground.  We had a little rain last night, and more is predicted for later in the week so it sounds like good planting out weather.  AND its a 3-day weekend, hooray!


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  1. Laura Says:

    I have that exact fan wand! Or did until last week when it got eaten by the lawn tractor (mental note, get a new one). They work great!

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