Growing chicks

IMG_3961The chicks are growing fast.  On the left is Lucy, napping on the waterer.  She awoke when I snapped the photo, and then she and all rest of the chicks freaked out and made a run for the back corner of the row house.

They are nearly fully feathered out.  It is still pretty cool outside, IMG_3964though, so for now they are still in the row house.  They are growing combs and wattles; the Black Stars are developing red color in their wattles.  The Americaunas are amazing, very beautifully feathered.  Lilly is the nearly white chick on the left.  Loretta is the brownish chick in the center, beak pointing toward the top of the photo.  She is striking, but it is hard to see her in the clump of chicks.  They are all getting along well.  I am very curious to see what color eggs we get from the Americaunas.


2 Responses to “Growing chicks”

  1. nancybond Says:

    The more I see chickens, the better I like them. :) If I ever have my own place again with even a little acreage, I’m having chickens!

  2. Pam Says:

    Chickens!!!! I’d love to see your Americauna eggs when they come in – I was thinking about getting some of those myself!

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