Flowers and sunshine

I still have not found my camera’s USB cable, but I did discover that a Garmin GPS unit uses the same cable, so I was able to download photos, shown now below.


The holly bed, with alliums, Leopard’s Bane, and wiegela blooming.


The row of lilacs we planted in May, 2002, blooming.  These are syringia x prestoniae cv. James McFarland.  They are fast growers and bloom later then standard lilacs, but don’t come close in gorgeousness in my opinion.


The shade garden, with more plants in place.  We have purchased a few more at a plant sale a teacher colleague of Dan’s held, and with a coupon from Longfellows Greenhouses.  Once we get these in, it will be time to stop and let the garden fill in and see what it looks like as it does.


In the vegetable garden, things are coming along under the row covers.  Here, Dan weeds the brassica bed.


A Limelight cauliflower


Parsley, lettuce and napa cabbage.


The hoophouse.  We’ve been eating spinach and lettuce for several weeks now, the weather has been cloudy/rainy, and cooler than normal, perfect for lettuce.  The spinach has now bolted, much to the delight of the girls, but the Tom Thumb and Black Seeded Simpson lettuce is holding on.  Note all the marigold flowers, and just in front of them, the basil gone to seed.  Sigh.  These plants have been ready to go in the main garden for some time, but it has been too wet –which leads me to my next post.


2 Responses to “Flowers and sunshine”

  1. Tessa Says:

    Yep, we’ve had ‘lettuce and pea’ weather for a while now- until today. The sun decided to grace us! Your garden looks good- I like the Lime Cauliflower, I’ll have to give that a try.

  2. mangochild Says:

    Its been odd here, most of my lettuces bolted in a patch of warm weather, and the next few days now seem to be cooler and just right for them. Sigh. But it was a great feast of lettuces…. and some varieties are still holding out. Now if only the sun would stay for good, I can get the warm weather okra out!

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