Practice random acts of gardening

Or in this case, not so random.  Dan and I shared the hoophouse love with his school this week, helping (me a little, Dan and a teacher pal did most of it) build a hoophouse for the 7th & 8th graders. The students did much of the work; measuring once, measuring twice, cutting, and securing all of the pieces according to how ours was constructed at Henbogle. The only difference is the addition of a second door on the opposite end.


The hoops are painted, as I read recently that the PVC off-gasses a compound that degrades the greenhouse plastic, and painting can slow the degredation.  The hoophouse won’t be visited regularly during the summer, so the plastic cover was left off until the fall.  The chicken wire was added to deter pests both two or 4 legged.


Inexpensive screen doors were purchased for the ends, and lathe was used to tack up the chicken wire and will be used for the plastic come fall.  Two raised beds were constructed from slabwood, and filled with compost (the students have been carefully composting leftover food from lunches) and soil.


The kids then planted the beds with pumpkins, squash, and sunflowers.  Nature will obligingly (ha ha) be watering the beds over the weekend, at least according to the NOAA forecast, so the seeds should be sprouting right quick.

Apparently, a number of the teachers are now coveting a hoophouse of their own.  This one will be used by the school’s gardening club to grow fall and early spring crops.  Share the love….


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  1. Tessa Says:

    Very nice job! And colorful too! Looks to be about a 6×8?

  2. Ann Says:


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