Vegetable garden update

IMG_4020Thursday we took advantage of 1) our first day of summer vacation, and 2) a rain-free day, and worked in the vegetable garden.

We had a productive day.  We planted:

  • Delicata squash
  • Patty pan squash
  • Sweet Success cucumber
  • Parisienne de Bourbonne cucumber
  • Zagross cucumber
  • Futsu Black winter squash
  • Royal Burgundy Bush Bean
  • Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
  • Gold of Bacau Pole Bean
  • French Fingerling potato
  • Costata Romanesca zucchini
  • Zinnia starts
  • Lettuce starts

Once we planted, we mulched where we could with straw to keep the weeds down.  Considering the rain, it is taking a risk with the slugs, but I hope we can stay on top of the slug damage, and I know the weeds will be rampant.  The garden went from


scraggly weed patch


to newspapers gone awry


to nascent vegetable garden.


The blue cups are a slug prevention experiment.  We planted the Royal Burgundy bush beans in plastic party cups with the bottoms cut off, leaving a sharp edge.  The front row is planted with beans at the same spacing, but no cups, we’ll see whether the cups help the beans fight off the inevitable slug attack. The milk jug hot caps are covering cucumbers and delicata squash.


More squash at the back of these squares planted with squashes both summer and winter, and some pumpkins.  Volunteer sunflowers and calendula were left in place where possible.


The zucchini is planted in the center where the newspapers were.  That row of lettuce on the left will be eaten (I hope) before the zucchini overruns it.  The large plant at the close end of the lettuce row is lovage, recently cut back.


We set out the tomatoes and some basil, cilantro and other herbs last week sometime (when wasn’t it raining?); they don’t look too impressed with the weather since they left the warm confines of the hoop house.  The largest plants here are volunteer calendula seedlings.


Pole beans went int the corners, and on the end of this row, next to the leeks.  These are zinnia and batchelor buttons in front of the beans.  The white things are milk jugs, cut into sleeves as slug prevention.  Damn slugs.  At least mine don’t get as big as Danni’s (scroll down).  Eeeeew!

So now we just have to hope all my seeds don’t rot with all the rain yesterday and cool temps forecast for the next few days.  Sigh.  Apparently, warmer weather arrives on Tuesday.

Special thanks to Dan for climbing up on the stepladder to produce aerial photos of the garden :-)


5 Responses to “Vegetable garden update”

  1. O. Says:

    The Henbogle Honeys rock! You guys are awesome.


  2. jeannie177 Says:

    Ali & Dan, Everything looks great so far this year in your garden. I still haven’t planted my tomato plant from Florida yet! It’s doing wonderful in our sun run off the kitchen. I have about 12 tomatoes on it right now ranging from about 3″ in diamitor to a small little nothing that’s just popping out. And I love the pic with Dan kyaking. Sure wish we could do some when you come down or at leat geocache? Love ya

  3. mangochild Says:

    Wow, well done! I’ll be interested to read how the cups to keep away slugs work – I’m experimenting/reading about companion planting as well, and any method to keep away garden-pests is something to look into.
    I was visiting a farm a couple weeks ago where they really went to town with the sunflowers (volunteer and otherwise) – it made a huge difference in the quality and protection of their garden, they said. I hope they do the same for you!

  4. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    You have been busy! I loved reading your “planted” list. I have a question about your newspaper weed sheeting. I did this this season for the first time and had unhappy results – my weeds literally poked right through and the moist, damp atmosphere created a most perfect environment for pill (sow, potato) bugs and other nasty critters. I have personally watched these guys, rather than eating the rotting material they’re supposed to enjoy so much, devour a squash plant’s leaves virtually overnight. You don’t have similar issues?

    • Ali Says:

      Hi Danni,

      As of yet, I don’t have a problem with pill bugs. I’m sure it is just a matter of time. Slugs are my biggest problem, weeds a close second, and with the extra special rainy weather we’ve been having slugs are wreaking havoc.

      With the newspaper, to avoid weed “eruptions” you do have to use pretty thick layers, and I then cover the newspaper with straw or hay. Don’t know what to tell you about the pill bugs. Sorry!

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