This moose ain’t loose

Moose are not known for their brains.  A young male moose somehow stranded himself on an island in the Androscoggin River between Topsham and Brunswick, Maine, at the site of a large dam.  With the water levels currently very high, the moose is stuck until the water level drops significantly (which won’t be son with thunderstorms predicted for tonight).  See some video footage here.


4 Responses to “This moose ain’t loose”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Poor thing! Oh well- at least he’ll be well fed! Can’t wait to see some of them on my trip to your home state!

  2. Penny Says:

    I hate to tell you but Moose are actually pretty smart and have great survival instincts even at a young age. I watched the moose all day and he did not have to wait for the water to go down to get off. About 11:30 that night the moose went into the river swam down under the bridge and climbed out all on his own. Sounds pretty smart to me. How many people could have done that and come out unscathed?

  3. Jeannie177 Says:

    Loved the video of the Moose. I just see big cats in my back yard!

  4. Heather Says:

    We don’t have islands where were are in Idaho but we do have the occasional moose. We had one hanging out at the local gas station not too long ago. Field and pasture all around him and he wanted the gas station truck parking. Crazy critter!~

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