Report from the vegetable garden

IMG_4188At last we’ve had some sun here at Henbogle, although temperatures are still unusually cool, barely creeping into the high 70s –not that I’m complaining, mind you.  I’m so happy to see the sun I can hardly stand the thought of going inside when it is out!

The vegetable garden is not happy with the rain and the cool temps.  The slugs, now the slugs are happy.  The poor Napa IMG_4190cabbage looks more like lace, and I’ve replanted some of the beans 3 times.  The poor pole beans have also been hard hit, and oddly enough, some of the peppers.  Who knew slugs liked peppers?  Not me!  It just now dawned on me as I write this that I could set out some Sluggo in the hoophouse, where  the rain won’t matter.  Doh!

Other plants are just growing very slowly — my Prescott Fond Blanc melon, even in the hoophouse, is sulking and barely beginning to sprawl as a good cucurbit should, and the basil is shivering in the cool wet temperatures.

It isn’t too late, however.  I’ve got more broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage seedlings started for transplant in a few weeks, and have space for a fall carrot crop in the garden.  It has been a great year for lettuce, we’ve been eating salads twice daily for some time now, a volunteer sunflower is blooming prettily, and my leeks are looking great!  Gardeners are optimists!


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  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    With the weird weather this spring, my spring Chinese cabbage bolted. It was hotter last year (a LOT hotter since I’ve been told it was the coldest June recorded ever in the Blue Hills), but with the 90F hot spell in April I think they got confused. Personally I’m confused too with the hottest day of the year so far in April. I’ve got some new seedlings that need to be planted this week. I’m hoping they don’t get laced by the slugs. I’m more worried about the earwigs though. They tend to get into the heads and lace them from the inside. At least the slugs start at the outside first.

  2. Linda Says:

    LOL- My first reaction was “She has a baby squash?!!” then I looked more carefully and saw it was a slug.

    My poor husband checks his lethargic pumpkin plants every day, hoping for miracles. Our potatoes are the only thing that has really taken off so far.

    At this rate I am fully expecting snow in September- I know, bite my tongue.

  3. O. Says:

    That top photo looks like a still form a horror movie! slUGGG!

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