Bookcases, completed

Nearly 2 (more) inches of rain poured down upon us on Friday.  To distract myself from the blighty tomatoes, I finished up two of the three bookcases I am rehabbing.

IMG_4255The red bookcase.  This one will hold gardening and nature/outdoor recreation titles.  See it before here.


The teal bookcase.  This will go upstairs in one of the bedrooms, or in the kitchen in a dark corner.  The jury is still out.  A third bookcase, destined for the kitchen to hold overflow cookbooks, is currently in rehab.  Thanks, Mom, for donating them to Henbogle.  They are already feeling the love….


5 Responses to “Bookcases, completed”

  1. weekendfarmer Says:

    wow!! You did a great job. Love the red color!!

  2. Barbee' Says:

    Now don’t they look nice! They really do! I love both the colors that you chose. They will be so versatile, I know you will get years of enjoyment out of them.

  3. mangochild Says:

    Lovely colors – having furniture that pops out, especially bookcases, just seems *right*. Enjoy them :-)

  4. SugarCampNY Says:

    Wow! Makes me want to paint something. I’m thinking of doing the dark cabinet in my sewing room but I haven’t decided on a color yet. It took me a minute to recognize the tall narrow bookcase. Good job.

  5. jeannie177 Says:

    The old book cases look great Dan and Ali!!!

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