Gardening ops center

IMG_4273My gardening bench, in the barn.  The central nervous system of my gardening efforts recently underwent a big tidying-up (yet another rainy day activity) so I decided I’d better document what it looks like on a good day.

My friend Karen gave me the small grow light and stand on the brown table, in front of the window.  It is so sad that I need to use it for seedlings, but it has been so dreary that even in front of the large window the seedlings get leggy before they are big enough to go into the garden to battle the slugs.  So, the light stays on 24/7 for now.

The tidying up was painful, as I knocked a tray of brassica seedlings off the table.  My casulity rate was high, about 70%.  Sigh.  I hope they will be ready to go out next week, but we’ll see.  Most of them suffered a traumatic setback and had to be re-potted, and many of the surviviors suffered damage to leaves.   What was most painful was that for the first time ever, I had staggered the start dates to accommodate the different maturity times of several different plants to plan for a freezing frenzy.  Blue Wind broccoli, and Green Harmony, Cheddar and Graffiti cauliflower all timed to be ready for harvest during the second week of September, then into the big new freezer.

Oh well, if I managed it this year, I should be able to manage it next year, right?


3 Responses to “Gardening ops center”

  1. julie Says:

    I feel as if we might as well concede to this rainy weather. After our outing yesterday, DH and I madly mowed the lawn, dead headed flowers, picked off slugs and beetles, then quickly got inside before the mosquito’s gobbled us up. This is the summer for inside projects, loved the colors of the bookcases.

  2. Garden Gopher Says:

    Be responsible – Do it my way. That’s a hoot.

  3. jenn Says:

    Oh. I’m jealous. What a great, light filled space to get down and dirty in!

    And I feel your brassica pain. One year I started out four varieties of tomatoes, carefully kept in rows in their tray. Then I tripped going out the door to plant them. They became tomato surprise, because I was no longer able to tell which was which. *shakes head* All in the day of a gardener, I guess.

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