The summer food pyramid

IMG_4318A perfect summer meal, even in a less than perfect summer.  The beans were amazing, the corn sweet and tender, and the tomatoes delicious on a cracker with some of Nina’s goat cheese and a hefty crank of black pepper.

Fortunately some of my nearby farmers have managed to harvest a few tomatoes.  They are dear, but worth it.  This summer, more than ever, make it a point to support your local farmer.  With the disastrous weather we’ve been having, your local farmer needs your support more than ever.


4 Responses to “The summer food pyramid”

  1. Tessa Says:

    Yummy! Can I come for dinner? I’ll be sure to bring my beefsteak tomatoes for that corn!

  2. Jeannie177 Says:

    ali, I do support the local farmers very well. Only because I don’t have a green thumb like you and Dan. Wish I could grow like you. But on another note Your dinner looks incredible! And I myself as you know love to cook!!
    Love you lots

  3. mangochild Says:

    Yes, this is the time to support our local farmers as much as possible. I had a similar meal a while back – raw corn, sliced tomatoes I managed to find despite the problems, and some of the last raw peas. It just says summer all over.

  4. weez Says:

    Hail to the local farmer! We have 3 prominent local (within 15 mi radius) farmers & every weekend I stop. In fact that’s where I’m headed after I write this comment! Can’t wait for more tomato sandwiches and steamed corn on the cob & those tiny little squash about the size of a ping pong ball, can’t remember the name of them, OMG are they GOOD!!!! gotta go!!!

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