My first, maybe only, tomato harvest

IMG_4317A single Tigerella tomato from one of the blighted hoophouse tomato plants.


4 Responses to “My first, maybe only, tomato harvest”

  1. mangochild Says:

    Sigh. Tomatoes are scarce here too, and not much flavor when one finds them. I am glad you were able to salvage one.

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    Oh no. Blight in the hoop house too? I know some growers like to use hoop houses because the foliage won’t get wet and they don’t get as blighted. Well congrats on at least one tomato. I found blight in my tomatoes too last week. I think they will be dead when I get home from vacation. I’ve been doing a good job in keeping any leaf that shows signs picked off and trashed. I’m trying to keep the spores down. Without me out there every single day I think it will just take off. My plants are just loaded with tomatoes. I picked over three pounds of cherry tomatoes in the last two days, but the big ones aren’t quite ripe yet. I was so hoping to can salsa this year.

  3. BonnieC Says:

    I feel for you with that blight. We are also having a bad time with late blight in upstate NY. It doesn’t matter if I start my own plants, once the spores get in the air in a wet year like this, everyone gets the blight.
    I’ve been picking off infected leaves and branches in hopes of getting at least a few tomatoes to the point where they can ripen if I pick them.

  4. jeannie177 Says:

    I think it is most beautiful and will be (or was) very delicouso!

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