No rest for the wicked

Vacation is over.  Today, we stained the deck.  Twelve glorious days of sun left the deck nice and dry, and we were ready to go, having done the prep before vacation, hoping it would be dry enough to stain before we left.  Not.






We used Cabot Semi-Solid Oil Stain (yay VOCs!) in Sycamore.  Dan used a brush to paint between the floorboards, and I used a paintpad on a short pole to spread the stain on the boards.  The color is a little grayer than I hoped, but I am so damn glad it is done that I don’t care.

Did I mention we built this deck in 2005, finished it in 2006, and are just now getting to it?  Sigh.  Now on to painting the front of the house, and touching up the shed wall seen above.  One to cross off  The List.

4 Responses to “No rest for the wicked”

  1. julie Says:

    Looks great! My paint brushes will be calling me in the morning. I too have been attempting to get my porch painted. Now or never, the snow will be flying before we know it!

  2. Kim Says:

    It does look good. I also like the colors of your house!

  3. wf Says:

    Yes…beautiful house color.

    I was about to ask…did you build the deck yourselves? Do you have the plan…or work-in-progress pics? I want to build a tea house and would like to make a platform same as a deck.


    • Ali Says:

      Hi WF,
      We built the deck before the blog, but I have some pics somewhere I will dig up. We basically bought a how-to book and winged it. The angled front steps were the most difficult, and the perimeter trim added a step and some cost but I’m glad we did it. A good resource for you might be the porches and decks forum at GardenWeb

      I will try and find some pics and if I do, I will contact you. Two immediate pieces of advice spring to mind. Rent a hydraulic post-hole digger for the footings, and a good cement mixer for the concrete.

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