A great year for lettuce

IMG_4473Although my vegetable garden has not been as productive as I had hoped, I have done a better job of succession planting lettuce than ever before.  We have plenty ready now to last the next week, although after that, I foresee a brief lettuce drought.  I do have IMG_4475some more seedlings going in the barn, just waiting for me to weed a spot for them in the garden, but it has been hot and sticky here, with temps in the 80s-90s and high humidity, ugh.  Not good weeding weather!

I am enjoying a bumper crop of mostly volunteer sunflowers, and my big, bright, bold, beautiful zinnias are making great bouquets with some calendula mixed in.IMG_4474


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  1. SugarCampNY Says:

    Love the zinnias! You will definitely get some poppy seeds.

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