Big waves

Hurricane Bill sent Maine some big waves today.  The photos below were all taken in Pemaquid Point or South Bristol, Maine.  Big surf is nothing to dally with; a 7 year old girl was swept off the rocks and killed at Acadia National Park.  (Click to enlarge.)


3 Responses to “Big waves”

  1. julie Says:

    Mother nature is truely amazing. My brother actually pulled a lady out of the surf Sunday at a beach on the island. I am sorry for the loss of life in Arcadia,however, sometimes I wonder what people are thinking. Maybe because I grew up with the ocean around me, I understand how powerful she can be.

  2. Mary Says:

    I live down here at got the same pictures….work with Dan….peopel need to respect the power of mother nature

  3. Jeannie177 Says:

    Mother Nature is glorious. Respect, her and she,ll show you beauty in places you wouldn’t even think of. Your Pictures are great!

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