Monday harvest tally

IMG_4509I’m posting this to join Daphne’s Harvest Tally.  The squash is coming in here at Henbogle.   I picked 5 yellow patty pan squash this week, and one Flying Saucers squash.  I see lots more ripening on the vines, including some delicata, and yellow crookneck, which were being shaded by sunflowers.  I finally pulled some of the sunflowers and gave them to the chooks, so may see more yellow squash now.

My purple bell pepper is picking up steam, we’ve had three this week, with more on the plant.  I also harvested 2 hot Hungarian wax peppers, and have lots of dark Hungarian Black jalapeno types ripening on the vines.  I’m not sure where the purple pepper came from, as I planted Marconi Red, Hungarian Hot Wax, Hungarian Black and Sweet Tequila peppers, but we are enjoying this purple bell.  It looks great in salads and will surely earn a space next year for being productive in this bad year.

I also picked two more heads of lettuce that were just verging in bolting, a handful of pole beans, 2 leeks, another lovely bouquet of zinnias, and a large handful of blueberries, consumed on site, yum.  I should have weighed the harvest, but oh well.  My Matts wild Cherry is still giving me sweet little tomatoes with no sign of blight.  My potatoes in pots near the house are now all infected, dammit.  I will see if I can nurse them along for a small harvest.  It is a great year for leeks, though, mine are too weedy for a photo but I have lots!  Plans for potato leek soup, however, are on hold.

Next year….


4 Responses to “Monday harvest tally”

  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    I’m going to make potato leek soup even if I end up having no potatoes under that bin. The farmers’ market will have to do. Your purple peppers that did well this year are making me want to try them again. They are so pretty, but I’ve never successfully grown sweet peppers. Maybe the purple ones will work. I notice there are a lot of purple peppers at the farmers’ markets. They usually know which ones to grow.

  2. BB Says:

    The squash and pepper are gorgeous! They look like sculpture.

  3. julie Says:

    That is the prettiest dang pepper I have ever seen!

  4. mangochild Says:

    I love the look of purple peppers. The ones I’ve had this year haven’t been as flavorful as the reds and greens for some reason. Not sure if its an oddity, how did you find yours? The squash shape is great.

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