Maine Apple Varieties

The Portland Press Herald has a list of some of the apple varieties grown in Maine and where to find them.  Leslie Land also discovered Gravenstein apples in Warren, Maine.  I’ll be getting to Dan to pick up some of those!


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  1. mangochild Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how many varieties of a single fruit there are? I can’t seem to settle on a favorite apple variety, even though everyone else in my family has their picks (mostly agree on Fuji and Gala). I don’t know, each has its own high points. The one I won’t/don’t like is the Red Delicious – just can’t stomach it. What are your favs?

  2. Lynn Mc Says:

    Hi Ali !

    We just picked up some Honey Crisps and they seem more sour this year, have you had any yet? I look forward to those apples…better than ice cream when they are fresh!

    By the way, I LOVE your new header photo!!!

    • Ali Says:

      Hi Lynn,
      I haven’t had any Honey Crisps yet this year. They are tasty. I bet the cool weather kept fruit from maximum sweetness, although I guess the rain was good for apples. Dan brought home some Gravensteins so I’ll have to make a pie. And thanks for the compliment on the header photo — coming from you that means a lot!

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