Sure cure for imsomnia

  • Wake up early when Ocho steps on your face
  • Make the coffee
  • Take out veggie scraps for compost
  • Let the girls out & collect some garden greens for them
  • Make the list for the day.  Uh oh… its a long one.
  • Prioritize
  • Order shade for new window by driveway
  • Start the laundry –4 loads total, 2 dried on the line
  • Fold the previously washed clean laundry
  • Fold the newly washed laundry as it dries
  • Cook some beets for pickling
  • Must use up squash; make some vegetable soup
  • De-clutter kitchen and dining rooms as you go
  • Pile dirty dishes on newly de-cluttered kitchen counters
  • Take out more veggie scraps for compost
  • Scarf down some lunch; soup is good must write down what I did
  • Chop the beets.  10 cups needed, we have 20
  • Make brine for beets
  • Send Dan for more vinegar; make note brine recipe needs to be increased by one half
  • Make more brine
  • Jar and process first batch
  • Damn! One jar cracked in the canner
  • Jar second batch and process
  • Ooops, looks like rain, take in the laundry right now
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Thank Dan for tidying the kitchen while I wrote this (thank you sweetheart!!)
  • Beets done!

Still to do:

  • Hem Dan’s pants
  • Make apple pie
  • Polyurethane new windows
  • Vacuum
  • Prep more furniture for painting
  • Treat lemon tree for aphids

Dan did a lot too, helping me with all of the above, plus:

  • Measured new window by driveway
  • Took the stickers/film off the new windows
  • Ready the stimulus package rebate info for windows
  • Stringing the extension cord to add light and a water heater to Henbogle Coop
  • Replaced light bulb in the coop
  • Discovered our second egg!
  • Store camping gear in the barn
  • Tidied the shed
  • Unloaded, then loaded the dishwasher
  • Fetched jars for beets
  • Ran to the local market to buy more vinegar
  • Checked compost temp –110°F!
  • Checked hoop house temp 112°F!
  • Put up with my crabbiness
  • Worked on his grad school class

I think we’ll sleep well tonight.

**Edited @7:40 p.m. to add

  • made homemade pizza
  • washed some of the dishes while Dan unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.  Again.

2 Responses to “Sure cure for imsomnia”

  1. nancybond Says:

    Ya think? :-) What a busy day, but doesn’t it feel good to be that productive? Sleep well! (Your header photo is gorgeous!)

  2. jeannie177 Says:

    Boy is that some list! My hat goes off to you and I raise my glass too!

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