IMG_4694The National Weather Service is predicting a frost in our area on Friday night, so tonight after work, I cut lots of parsley, sage, and our little bit of basil, and Dan picked as many of the ripe MWC tomatoes as he could find.  Tomorrow, we’ll collect squashes, etc., and cover what we can with floating row cover.  If we make it through tomorrow, it looks like we’ll have a rainy stretch and no frost for a bit.

To preserve the herby goodness, I decided to make compound butters with the parsley and sage (the basil will become pesto).  We both picked the leaves off the herbs, I rinsed, and them into the food processor with some butter and salt, and with the parsley, a little fresh lemon juice.  IMG_4700

I erred on the side of less butter, figuring I can add butter later when I use the compound butter.  The parsley butter will be delicious with just about anything, pasta, sauces, soups, steak, chicken.  I hope the sage butter will be useful for Sage Parmesan Sauce, and for seasoning chicken and pork before roasting.

IMG_4701Once compounded, so to speak, I shaped the butters into logs, rolled them in foil, put them in ziploc bags and into the freezer they went.  When I need some, I’ll just slice of a chunk, and voila, a taste of summer in the dreary days of winter.

5 Responses to “Herbalicious”

  1. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    A timely reminder, thanks! We can still expect another ten days before our first frost, but it’s time to gather my sage while I may. Sage is something I want to cook with more often in winter than in summer. But it’s just not available in winter. Thanks for the pointer to the sauce recipe. Sounds yummy.

    • Ali Says:

      Kate, once you try the sauce recipe, you will be wanting sage a LOT more often. I’m salivating just thinking of it.

  2. julie Says:

    I have potted up and brought indoors my parsley and rosemary plants. Today picking sage and also whats left of my tomatoes. The small pear tomatoes are my girl’s favorite treat. Thank you for sharing your herb butter ideas, I am going to give that a try. Loved looking at your canning jars in your well organized pantry, very pretty!

    • Ali Says:

      My girls ove tomatoes, too. I looked out there the other day and watched them jump/flap up to try and pluck off the tomatoes growing through the fence — too cute! Three eggs again yesterday… 6 more to go!

  3. Lynn on Pleasant St Says:

    Herb butter….wow! What a GREAT idea! I wonder if you can make herb butter with green onions? I have a whole bunch we pulled up today.

    BTW, I got some Honeycrisp apples today from Rocky Ridge Orchard and they are yummy sweet…unlike the first batch we got earlier that I had mentioned. I wonder if the Auburn Orchard had picked them too early?? Anyway, I LOVE apple harvest time!! Is there anything better than a freshly picked apple??

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