Apple season

IMG_4720Summer was a rained out tomato wash, but here in Maine, the apples had a good year.  A campus colleague sells apples from her orchard on campus every year, delivering them to your car in the parking lot.  I arranged to get a 20 lbs, of utility apples, a mix of sweet and tart apples.  She delivered 24 pounds of beautiful apples to me on Friday my day to drive in the carpool rotation.

Today, we made a huge batch of applesauce for canning, and a IMG_4728beautiful apple pie, for sharing with friends.  Dan helped in between doing his grad class homework, cranking the apple pulp through the tomato press.  I prefer to quarter the apples, removing any bad spots, and cook them skins and all until soft, adding a little cider to get them started.

Once the apples are soft, they go through the press, then back into a stock pot to bring to a boil again, adding lemon juice for acidity.  Once hot, into canning jars for delicious, portable, low-sugar, snacks all winter long.  Next up, my apple jam with lemon and cardamom.  Yum.


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  1. GrafixMuse Says:

    I have fond memories of apple season here in New England. I remember my family apple day…a day when we visited an orchard to pick our own. I was actually encouraged to climb trees and toss down the apples that were out of reach.

    I made my first apple pie of the season today too.

    • Ali Says:

      Yum! Apple pie is so good, I love the way they make the house smell. And apparently, the scent goes a long distance, as the Boy decided to visit today, out of the blue, after weeks of radio silence. I am convinced he smelled the pie!

  2. mangochild Says:

    It was a washout for tomatoes here too in CT, but oh, the apples are lovely! I have been apple picking every weekend, and the applesauce is plentiful :-) Utility/cooking/seconds are a good thing, and my local orchards are always ready to supply those at a much lower price than the “prime” apples. And I’ll have to agree, as one who has been there through grad school and law school, working with those apples is a much needed way to keep sane away from the computer and textbooks!

    • Ali Says:

      I think utility apples are a good reminder that there is value in the “ugly” fruit. In the grocery stores, we see only the cosmetically perfect. It sets people up to expect cosmetic perfection everywhere, when the real test –and real value is the inside.

  3. jeannie177 Says:

    ahhhhhhhh, I smell them all the way down here! No wonder he smelled them! I also like utility apples. I also like the wild ones I have in the back forty.

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