My new gardening tool

IMG_4731I know in the past I have said I wasn’t interested in a rototiller.  Times change.  This spring, I gave myself a painful case of gardener’s elbow, aka tendonitis, that plagued me all summer.  For most, this malady is annoying but manageable, a week or so of ibuprofen and they are all better.

Not me, I am allergic to ibuprofen and probably that whole class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (I’m not sure but the only way to test is to take some and stand by with an Epi-Pen –no thanks).  So for me, tendonitis takes months to heal.  I babied my elbow all summer and I am still occasionally feeling a twinge.  At least it rained so much I didn’t miss much kayaking because of the tendonitis.  What’s a gardener with big dreams of expanding her gardening space to do?

Meet my new mini-tiller.  She’s a quiet, efficient, easy-starting, low-polluting 4-stroke Honda, powerful enough to really turn our clay soil, light enough at 29 pounds that I can easily carry and use it.  We purchased the tiller from a locally-owned independent retailer, Chad Little Outdoor power Equipment.

I can hardly wait to put the garden to bed and plant my garlic!


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  1. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    Beauty! I can relate to physical limitations to gardening. It’s never been formally diagnosed, but I have carpal-tunnel-like symptoms in my right wrist. Usually it’s manageable provided I don’t push myself past what I know I can manage, and work carefully. We don’t have a tiller either, though I can definitely see the appeal. So far we’ve borrowed tillers, which is lovely since it both saves the expense for us and creates opportunities for reciprocity. Enjoy your new toy!

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