Moove over, Horizon, organic Maine milk is in town

There’s a new way to buy organic local milk.  Maine’s Own Organic is launching their brand of Maine organic milk, sourced from dairy farms across the state.  The story aired yesterday on Maine Public RadioRead more about this exciting project, check out where your milk is from, and pledge to buy Maine organic milk.

If you love the pastoral beauty of rolling fields dotted with grazing dairy cows, open fields of big round hay bales, and picturesque Maine farms, show your love by buying local Maine milk!

According to the MPBN story, the project is being financed by nine farmers across the state, the milk will be bottled at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, and distributed by Oakhurst Dairy and Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative to Hannaford stores and privately owned grocery stores in Maine and New Hampshire.  Maine Organic Farmers and Gardners (MOFGA), the Maine Farm Bureau, and the Maine Department of Agriculture were also involved.

Delicious Maine milk just got better!


10 Responses to “Moove over, Horizon, organic Maine milk is in town”

  1. Laura228 Says:

    So glad to see the news getting out about this!

    • Ali Says:

      I’m doing my best to spread the news. Any idea when we’ll see it in Hannaford? BTW your website is gorgeous! Aroostook at its best.

      • laura228 Says:

        Glad you enjoyed visiting our website. We’re shooting for Nov. 5th! Please keep your fingers crossed for us that all goes well between now and then. :)

  2. O. Says:

    Hooray! Love the chart with the “secret codes” of where the milk was processed.

  3. laura228 Says:

    Another good resource is Cornucopia’s Dairy Scorecard. It helps you know if the brand of organic milk you’re buying supports family farms or if they’re buying milk cheap from factory farms.

  4. laura228 Says:

    Sharon Kiley Mack of the Bangor Daily News wrote an excellent article about our new company in this weekend’s edition of the paper. The online version is already available.

  5. a tasteful garden Says:

    that is awesome news!! thanks so much for sharing. i’ve also been keeping an eye out for when the Community Supported Fishery opens a branch a little closer to my place. to have fresh maine fish each week would be so tasty.

  6. laura228 Says:

    I agree – I would love to be able to buy fish more directly from the fisherman. I ordered a lobster roll in Bangor recently and could not believe how much they charged me for it when I know how little the lobstermen have been getting this year.

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