Harvest Monday

IMG_4745Amazingly, we still are harvesting here at Henbogle, despite an early frost this year.  Sunday, we began fall cleanup, and as part of that process, we harvested lots of lovely peppers.  They were a mix of Hungarian yellow wax, purple bells, and unripe Marconi Red bull’s horn type pepper.  We had some for lunch with fajitas and they were delicious!

The Matt’s Wild cherry tomato was still loaded with red fruit.  Unfortunately with the rain, many had split so the hens enjoyed tomatoes raining from the sky.

We still have a few crops remaining in the main garden — lots of Piricicaba broccoli, (which I allowed to got to seed seeing how the bees loved it), kale, some very slug-damaged cabbage, much of which will probably go to the hens, and Brussels sprouts, and greens in the hoophouse, so there will be a few more harvests to share on Daphne’s Harvest Mondays.


2 Responses to “Harvest Monday”

  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    My favorite part of your harvest is the chicken eggs. I get them from the farmers’ market, but soon the market will close down. I have just a few weeks left.

  2. Michelle Says:

    The peppers are so shiny and pretty! I tried Marconi Purple this year and have been very happy with them. Do you like the Piracicaba? I’m growing it also and it has been prolific and tasty.

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