Frosty morning


We had a cold night last night, it dipped below 30°F.


The frost left gorgeous patterns on my car this morning.  I’m trying to extend the season as long as I can with the hoop house and floating row cover.  Finally, I will succumb, fold my floating row covers, and hope that the bitter cold kills every single last late blight spore in my garden, so that I can start fresh next year.  I’m already collecting new tomato varieties to try.


4 Responses to “Frosty morning”

  1. jeannie Says:

    Isn’t Jack Frosts work Beautiful! I love to see all the pretty patterns he leaves us. They look really pretty on your car. But alas I’m going back to Florida again this year, and I plan to bring back my tomatoe plants back with me. The one I got this past season did really well.

  2. julie Says:

    Ali, I am not ready for this cold weather, how about you? Love the comparison between your lovely header and the frosty windshield. I swear I saw snowflakes this afternoon.

  3. jeannie177 Says:

    Ali, We had snow last night about 2 inches but enough to say OK its time to go!
    PS We have a new Puppy! His name is Mugzy.

  4. a tasteful garden Says:

    gorgeous first photo! though i was completely pained to see that i had to scrape my windshield the other morning. i’m prepared, but not quite ready to say goodbye to my garden for the season.

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