Fall cleanup continues

IMG_4785Despite the decidedly Novemberish weather, Dan and I spent much of the day on Saturday working on fall gardening chores.  First, we cleaned up the holly bed, giving the two resident unruly weigelas a hard pruning, and then Dan sucked lots of the fallen leaves up with the leaf shredder vac.  Then it was time to plant some of the bulbs I purchased at the Fedco bulb sale.  I know I said I was done buying plants for the year…. but these are bulbs, they don’t count.  Besides, when I was perusing the Jaq-van-der-Pink-red-and-purpleBlotanical Award winners the other day, I came across a post on bulb planning and planting and a delicious photo, that made me immediately make a list of bulbs to buy.  The scene is from the New York Botanical Garden.  I don’t know that I can replicate it, but since I already have lots of forget-me-nots growing in that bed, it seemed like adding some tulips would be a good idea.  So, I purchased 10 each of four varieties of tulips in a carmine red, apricot, purple and white.  Here’s hoping!

IMG_4788Once the tulips were planted (snuggled  into their holes with a big dose of cayenne pepper to deter hungry rodents), it was time to move on to the deck bed.  Oh my, was this bed a mess.  Let this post serve as a reminder I MUST thin plants in this bed next spring.  Not optional!  We cut back about 2/3 of it before we ran out of steam.

Sunday was cold and raw, but with rain in the forecast, we wanted to finish up building another compost bin and adding the IMG_4787materials.  In addition to the ginormous pile of plants from the ornamental gardens, I pulled the remaining peppers from the hoophouse, and we cleaned up a few other beds in the veggie garden. Now, just the kale, leeks and Brussels sprouts remain in the main garden.  We finished building the second bin, and promptly filled it.  Then we cleaned out a bin IMG_4794of finished compost, spreading it in the main garden, and bringing in quite a bit to the hoop house for use this fall and early next spring.  Earlier this year, we started using straw for bedding in Henbogle Coop, and the straw breaks down MUCH faster, really heating up the pile, too.  For the first time, I feel like I am almost making enough compost for my needs.  Almost.  I also tried an experiment with spinach, sowing some Olympia seed in the hoophouse.  I spread the seed, then covered it with compost, and watered.  I’m hoping we’ll get germination, then overwintering for a nice early crop next IMG_4808spring.  We’ll see!

Lastly, we added some compost to the leeks, and then a layer of degrading straw as a mulch –I hope they will last into December this way.  That is, if the chickens leave me some.  The leeks near the fence are munched!  Then, we crawled in to the house and took some aspirin.  Another weekend gone.


4 Responses to “Fall cleanup continues”

  1. jeannie177 Says:

    Well it sounds like you have it well planned. And I hope next year is alot better for the gardens than this year was.

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    It looks like you got a lot done. I had relatives in all weekend, so never went in the garden. It was snowing Sunday night and I still haven’t covered my lettuce up.

  3. wf Says:

    aaaahhhhs-pirin : )

    There is so much to do – hah?

    I didnt know leeks would have survived into Dec. I should have kept mine in the ground then. Ah well..next year.

  4. GrafixMuse Says:

    Wow, it looks like you had a productive weekend. I still need to clean up my perennial gardens where it seemed I was very successful in growing mostly weeds this year.

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