Maine gardening blogs

Are more Mainers blogging these days?  Recently, I’ve come across several Maine gardening/farm blogs that are new to me.  Some are, like Henbogle, multi-topic, but they all have a heavy dose of gardening.  Here are a few I’ve found.  If you know of more, please let me know in the comments section.

Achorn Farm

The Giddy Garden Gnome

Four Green Acres

Dog Trot Farm

Leslie Land

Season’s Eatings Farm

Ruit Farm Web Journal

GrafixMuse’s Garden Spot

A Tasteful Garden

Tyler Farm Homestead

Wife Soup

A Garden In Maine

Sustainable ME — Living and Growing Locally

Jean’s Garden


8 Responses to “Maine gardening blogs”

  1. GrafixMuse Says:

    Thanks for including my blog. I am looking forward to checking out the others you listed too.

    I just started blogging in May 2009, but I have been reading your blog for a while before that. I remember googling to search for Maine garden blogs and came across only a few, yours was at the top of the search.

  2. chook Says:

    i love seeing what’s growing on on the other coast.

  3. Maine Mom Says:

    Mine’s about Maine gardens, and sights and trees and flowers and artisans and growers and farmers :)

  4. julie Says:

    Ali, Thank you for listing my blog. I so enjoy finding new blogs with similiar interests. By the way how are the girls, I was blessed with two blue eggs today, the first of many I hope!

    • Ali Says:

      Two blue eggs! Lovely!!!! Lucky you!

      Our girls are happy happy happy. We’ve noticed they are really into scratching and looking for bugs of late, they seem to employ more of that behavior as they mature. We have one blue egg layer, and one olive green egg layer, and two pale green egg layers, and another that lays pale whitish pink eggs, and the rest are brown eggs… we think, so far we have not had a 9-egg day.
      It is a pleasure to include your blog, I am greatly enjoying your musings, and your girls!

  5. Kim Says:

    Aww Ali, that was sweet of you. Good idea to summarize all is Mainers. I am fairly new to reading 4 acres. Really enjoy hers along with yours. There are so many great blogs if there was only more time :)

  6. Robin Says:

    Thanks for including me and for compiling this list. I *needed* more blogs to read. After this disastrous year I find a lot of inspiration to keep going in others blogs.

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