A poultry tidal wave– chickens in Brunswick

IMG_4657First Portland, then Bangor, Waterville, Camden, and now Brunswick.  Maine cities are seeing the light and passing ordinances allowing city residents to keep chickens!  Spread the chicken love.

We are trend setters here at Henbogle, beginning our hen adventure way back in 2006.  Perhaps we need to set up a consulting business, teaching people henkeeping skills?


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  1. GrafixMuse Says:

    I bet a henkeeping consulting business would do really well. Speaking for myself, I know absolutely nothing about chickens but am intrigued at the prospect of having a bunch of chickens on bug patrol in the yard and providing eggs. I worry about winter though. How do you keep them warm and how do they stretch their little legs?

    • Ali Says:

      Hi GrafixMuse,
      Surprisingly, the winters have not been as bad as I had once feared. We built a snug, small coop, which helps them stay warm; we have a 15 watt light bulb which is on a timer to give them the needed daylight for good egg production and generates a little heat; and we have a low wattage water heater to keep the drinking water unfrozen. We also put up a “hendome” made of rebar and plastic sheeting, to give them a snow-free place to roam in the winter.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hello Ali! “Henkeeping 101” would be an instant hit! I started raising chickens last year and had so many questions. I saw an ad in the local paper for a poultry class that met one night a week for four weeks. The class was absolutely bursting at the seams! Folks drove for an hour one way (and possibly more) to attend. I learned a great deal and would myself be interested in other classes as well. I say, go for it! You will be glad you did-and so will all of those who attend!

    • Ali Says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Lisa. After your enthusiastic response, Dan and I might submit a proposal to the area adult education programs, so we can help spread the chicken love.

  3. wf Says:

    I will be your agent/framchisee (sp?) in NJ : )

    Is that a partridge rock? Cool chic!

    • Ali Says:

      That beauty is an Americauna, a hybrid with a lot of Auracana in her breeding, but a bit more productive. Our Americaunas produce pale olive-ish green eggs, and one produces blue eggs.

  4. Robin Says:

    The most valuable lesson I learned with chickens is to keep it simple. You can make chickens as easy or difficult as you’d like.

    Have you seen Patty Moreno’s small movable coop that sits on a raised bed? I think I’m going to try this with bantams starting next year.

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